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The energy inside of me is relentlessly overwhelming,
Can’t hardley tell a story with out ending up vibrating,
I mean that literally, if I get a little geeked,
Find neat people to meet,
Drive down a new street,
Find some info to leak,
Ill start shaking, making faces and changing paces.
This energy is just not containable, obtainable, or stable,
At this point are these lines even relatable? Repeatable?
I guess we’ll see one day.
Back to the shaking, the way it feels inside, thats right.
It creeps up from the core, creating more as it sores into position on your skin, do you feel that?
When it starts to begin again, it tends to trend all tremendously as it travels up your tendencies.
I love the feeling as it feels me, it steals me…in the middle of a line, nope, diatracted by it dissolving dangerously deep into the depth of my disassociated development.
Can you feel it yet?
That skin crawling enegery that sends shivers searching for your finger tips, tickling terriblely, totally taking over the emotion that currently connects currents of volts viciously vibrating variably all over me.
Are you feeling me?
That energy I speak of it keeps up, close up and personal, internal and irreplacable, inseparable from the feelings that frequently find time in your mind, the feelings of fallopian tubes fondling your foreskin, is that too much?
Should I start over, technically begin.
Ok, here goes,
The energy on my skind crawls over me sensitevly seducing me seriously sending sound waves through my system of soultions for ruthless polution of popultation penetrating my perception.
Have you ever felt something like that, find that, if you can’t, re-read this and try again stat!
You’ll never find a more satisfying feeling than furiously fixing the focus in your front lobe when energy so powerful potentially pulls you out of your confort zone, setting a new tone.
This my opportunity to open up all the ideas I can’t find when I’m shaking like a b****, twitching like a lonely little leaf on a stick.
To say this all out loud would take ludicrous lucidity leaping bounds over my marvilously maticulous memories, making more maliciously merry mountains of motivation to move upon.
Do you feel in now?
On your skin, in your mind, in the places to tight and locked up to get insight in to fix what isnt right?
This energy feels so nice.
I wish I could feel it all night.
Maybe if I share this, the end of this energy wont enter my sight.

NV. – written on April 14th, 2018 – started @ 4:03 p.m. finished @ 4:40 p.m.

Rants and Thoughts, Unfinished songs

My Dear Its True

(Verse 1)
I’ve made mistakes♫ we know♫
Why don’t we take♫ this slow♫
That way we each♫ can grow♫
I just want to reach♫ your soul♫

Why would I lie to you?

My dear, it’s true♫
There is too much to loose♫
I dont know what to do?♫
I hope you’ll hear this too♫

(Verse 2)
Will you come back♫ to me♫
To get on track♫ you see♫
So that we both♫ can be♫
Again so happy♫ and free♫

I just dont want to hurt you

I know my demons♫ lie, right next♫ to me,
They make it so♫ hard, to even♫ breathe.
If you could only♫ see, who I’m meant♫ to be.
You might take it all♫back, then we could♫ be free.

I need your love too.

My dear, it’s true♫
There is too much to loose♫
I dont know what to do♫
I hope you’ll hear this too♫

I just hope you’ll hear me soon♫

NV. – written through July 26th, 2017 started @ 12:30 p.m. finished @ 7:30 p.m.

This is a song I wrote, I do have some uke chords written for it as well, but if someone could help me write music for this I would be extremely greatful! Thank you for viewing!

Poem things, Unfinished songs


My Poems feel repeated, like I’m playing a game, stuck in a loop, like the level won’t change

Try to find a different thought, now this is feeling the same, groundhogs day in this verse, Bill Murray’s to blame,

no wait…It’s my brain!
We’re not on the same page!

Its flipping back and forth,
Attempting to rattle my cage!

Wait, get back here and stay, wont let this thought fade away, no thats never okay

Cant make a difference if your feelings arent famed, when does that start to fade,is it when we have it made or will it be a different day

Look, even as a star, when it rains its gunna pour, weather its the feelings on the paper or the money on the floor

Life hands you opportunities, but you throw em out the door

Hold up, then what will you score

If you give up your dreams

Life will love you no more

Think about that for a second as you finish your chores

When you wanna make it big, youve got to culture your lore

See the story before its written and imagine your goals,

Are not as far away as they feel, they’re right here at home

They’re inside of you, not at a damn store, start directing your focus, to break out and soar

You can’t buy who are, the parts you can’t see, so when you wanna be known, you’ve got to come clean

If you wanna make a change

Start living your dream

One day at time

Is all that you need.

NV. – written between April 2nd and 3rd, 2018 started the 2nd around 4 pm. Finished the 3rd around 6 pm.

Thanks for reading! Well I hope you sang it in your head 🙂