Poem things


8:15 pm

I’ve been binge drinking,
Its unlikely,
That I’ll end this pattern nicely.

My time is most spent thinking,
Creating more and more,
Neurological connections kindly.

I often seek the epitome of greatness,
Most definitely with a will,
That will always guide me corectly.

8:34 pm – S.F. – 05/15/2021

Poem things, Rants and Thoughts

Sweet Violence

While this man sits in silence,

He hears nothing but violence,

Noise in every millisecond,

Noise to fill every memory.

There is nothing silent about sitting in silence.





So many things to corrupt his connection,

Between focus and distraction,

To finding his reaction,

Trying to sit in silence,

He lends her his ear,

Simply being still for a moment,

And the noise starts to clear,

It bends itself into a song,

So he begins to sing along,

With the silence now so loud,

This man feels proud,

Conquering the corruption,

That silence brings to fear,

Living with the noise,

Was the happiest choice,

No mind to take hold,

No heart to stay cold,

From this now he knows,

That he can roll with the flow,

Of what some may call silence,

Now he calls Sweet Violence.

N.V. – written on May 19th, 2018 started @ 1:03 p.m. finished @ 1:30 p.m.

Have you ever been sitting in the woods trying to read a book and ever time a bird calls, a tree falls or nothing at all, and then you just read a whole page without even paying attention because the beauty in the noise when being still is just overwhelming, to me at least. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have had to re-read pages again and again simply due to being distracted by the world. Some books obviously are to entrancing that they drown out the chaos of the forest song with mental imagery and creation. But sometimes, sommmetimes, the woods are just too good to ignore. That’s what this was about, I am trying to sit and read “The History of Madness” by Michel Foucault and am currently finding these sounds to be something more necessary to give my attention to, other than those post that I am typing. But, to wrap this up, get back to the book and thank you for reading and hopefully enjoying the idea/ poem thing that my mind thought to create. – SF.

P.s. – took the picture on my IPhone X somewhere in Michigan, a little color was added to it, not much else. I wish you could hear what it sounded like during that photo.