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Shaving faces,
Tied my laces,
To change places,
Or change paces,
Have no car,
For the races.

Hit a tree,
With my truck,
Have our lives,
Thanks to luck,
I dont get it,
What the fuck?

Why the chances,
Why the stances,
Dont even know the dances,
Keeping track of the stats and,
Forgetting what has happened,
Can you even call this rappin?

Probably not,
But thanks alot,
Ill stay on top of,
the bad habits that I really need to stop,
Find a better way to be,
So I dont totally flop this.

I apologize for the times I failed,
Flailed my arms and whaled,
as I turned around and tucked my tail,
Theres no excuse for winding up in jail,
After 7 hours drinking then driving veiled,
It would only be my fault if we had been killed.

Now I can only move towards,
Simpler ways to move forward,
Using more than just four words,
To get my thoughts out and soar or,
Do more than just squander
The only life I can ponder.

Im trying to get back on track,
Before my life gets out of wack,
Gotta learn to attack,
All the issues at hand,
Not the bottle I cant handle,
But this life that we’re all in.

Get serious and just fall in,
Find the sin within to get rid,
Do whats right and just fit with,
Any person or place,
That come across as you chace,
To be one with the world and live in its space.

NV. – writen on April 24th, 2018 started @ 1:45 p.m. finished @ 2:58 p.m.

Shaved my…roughly 2 inch long mustache off today in light on needing some change in my life, I shall grow it back out this fall or late summer for any wondering. There was a picture of me up at an earlier point, but a face isnt necessary for a blog, with all that said…this is the result. Thank you for reading and any other forms of interaction had here, hope you enjoy and be sure to check out the others as well, share a thought if you aren’t afraid. Toodles. – SF.

Poem things, Rants and Thoughts

Always Changing

I feel there is something wrong with me,
Something I may try and say to simply come clean,
Try and find a little meaning or understand the reason,
Why I can not seem to focus on one thing for more than a few weeks.

My focus falls apart at the thought of a new dream,
Even if what I’m dreaming is what someone else is seeing,
Shifting motivations towards the being they are being,
Is there an identity if I have nothing in myself for the keeping?

The problem is that I dont understand if this is wrong,
Is it alright if the life I live isnt the one I have walked upon,
Can I wear anothers shoes and maybe wear them for too long,
Find them within you and get a bit inspired to write a book or sing a song.

I want to change my face as frequent as I find possible,
Re-write my story every day as if that were plausable,
I wont let what the world would wonder when I am unstoppable,
Get between becoming a dream and being beautifully believable.

I start to think that even you can feel it too,
When you read, write, see, think ,hear, or do,
Something new or crazy and then feel it becoming a part of you,
Thats the flux flowing for me that is founding some issues.

Maybe I am just caught up in something sad at the moment,
Can we even tell if its us or anothers ones motive,
If you are well connected consciously and you know it,
Then you might be able to build better bonds between bits.

There is peace to be pondered in all this potential,
Forging our own paths has been found famously essential,
We have so much to learn with information so torrential,
But as we change remember to keep your insight intentional.

That problem inside me is no longer seen badley,
Through this express I have conquered it gladley,
Even if all this rambling seems dangrously maddening,
It just seems to be the thing to help me in happening.

Almost ended this earlier when my mind wasn’t right,
Now that I’m here this seems so much more nice,
Arriving at truths through honesty and life,
Has brought me the bliss bouncing iside me so bright.

So keep changing and dreaming into all that you’re thinking,
Life will move meteoricly with you barley even blinking,
That spells for a story worth hearing while drinking,
Just find time to tackle that which has you sinking.

NV. – written on April 16th, 2018 started around 12:30 a.m. finished @ 1:45 a.m.

Thank you for any and all support, criticism, or feedback. This is how we make the world a better place, we help each other become better, learn from one another and see the beauty in collaboration. The societies some of us come from try to keep creative people apart or form beliefs to distrust one another. This can change with the ability to see ourselves in one another, we are all part of one chain of exsistance and by sharing life with eachother, we can inherently make life better for others as well. There is too much pain in the world not to listen to people so I thank you for reading this and anything in the world that may something change your point of view on life. Have a nice day.