Poem things

Moving on

1:15 pm

Today I thought about deleting all your pictures,
Not that I liked that thought,
When I saw them I could see our memories like scriptures,
But I think I’ve had enough.

Held on to your ghost now for three cycles around our Sun,
Do you know what the hurts most?
Whenever I was having fun you were finding ways to run,
And now of you I’ll never know.

Moving on is all my friends have wanted for me,
For at least a decades time,
But I choose to keep my heart from beating free,
While I dove down in my mind.

I can see the future much clearer now,
and I’m always asking why?
Could I have wanted to keep on loving her,
Even once my soul had died?

1:55 pm 05-27-2021 _ SF.

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