Poem things, Rants and Thoughts, Unfinished songs


Sweet dreams makes a victim to the rhythm,
Be still to the flow of raw wisdom,
Just know it is so that you are an endless kingdom,
Front row to the soul I reveal a perfect system,
Now dance, blow a hole and fufill your crucial role,
It is time to forgive now accend to your glory,
Bring it back, see the veil,
You reside within the holy grail,
Turn it in, set the sails,
And eat the fucking kale,
Now let it go, leave it be,
Mark my words, that soon you will be free.

With nothing left to see,
He thinks of how to truely set free,
Destruction is not all that he can be,
Now the simple pleasures of life no longer serve the seeker,
A path that has led to a poetic speaker,
Through confident mind holds thoughts of a fate bound leader,
Now an out bound dreamer,
Seeking greed from the ether,
While taking a breather,
One realizes, “what a diving creature”,
Becoming so eager, creation of brain fever, turns you weaker,
I guess its time for another feature,
Lets put this one on loud speaker,

RAK KRAZAK, the flip has him fealing so fearsome,
Invincible in the moment,
Truley consumed by symptom,
A million times has he seen this show,
Its time to let go,
The high-low swing has turn him into a hot spring,
He now resides with our balanced king,
No more need to sing.

Todd Maxon-Haller – time and date unknown

This is written by a good friend of mine, he is a very spiritually sound being. He lives his life in a very yogic way, spending his time being still and in many forms of meditative states. I had no idea he had something like this to say, but I am greatful he allowed me to post this here. I hope you all enjoy and if you have any questions for him feel free to ask. – S.F.

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