Poem things, Rants and Thoughts


I will change who I am,
Again and again,
For I have never felt confortable,
within my own skin.

This person that I’m in,
Does not have to be me,
I can re-write my mind,
And rid my envy.

Have you ever felt free,
When watching one another,
Seeing the parts of you,
Found in someone other.

Thats what I feel,
Everytime I see someone,
Find success in their dreams,
Or a newly found loved one.

It is no longer jealously,
Nor bothersome beliefs,
That fuel the fire,
Burning inside of me.

I will learn from the best,
Study their lives,
Forge one for me,
Then co-exist with the lies.

This is not about fame,
Nor fortune or rights,
I have my own goals,
To see all the sights.

I will be all the beings,
All beings could be,
Learn all the knowledge,
To live happily with me.

So obtain all you can,
Find all that you wish,
Then at the end of our lives,
It will be you that they miss.

NV. – written on April 17th, 2018 started @ 2:10 a.m. finished @ 2:50 a.m.

Thank you for any and all support, feedback or anything traffic whatsoever, it is seeing those numbers that ensures me someone might hear these words someday, maybe feel something inside that I have felt when reading others work. I wish only to bring any expressions I can forward to help guide people into their own light inside. I may not be great, nor fancy or fresh, but what I can assure anyone still reading this, is that I put out perhaps not the best work possible for myself, but the very most honest, in the moment, blink of an eye type feelings to each piece of work. Without holding back where they go or might lead, I try not to plan or be prepared, if something hits me. You’ll see it. Hopefully this helps me or others in return. Please leave a comment or follow if youd like, I am always up for convorsation. Thank you for your time, I know it is valuable. -SF.

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