Poem things, Rants and Thoughts


There is a Wolf in these woods
Stalking the depths of my intentions
Searching for nothing less than reckless
Its my exsistance that is messed with
Liking the dreams so dark and dreary
When the Wolf takes over
Things start to get scary
I can’t fight this demon
As he takes over my tenacity
Breaking the barriers of my intensity
The worst parts of me
Begin to be set free
It feels like fur will unfold
Filling the holes in my unknown
Claw start to tear out of the tips of my toes
Opening up the ability to let go
A transformational objective
This Wolf had goals
When it first entered my woods
I had no clue about fear
My life before then
Seemed relatively unclear
Now meaning has sprung
In the wake of the Wolf
No matter whats next
It can not be good
Feeling freedom for the first time
Since the year 2009
This Wolf has brought insight
To when my life became a lie
With the beasts in it’s new life
Those parts of me will die
So when it’s gone
Be sure to know
I’ll give this life another try
Though for now
I’ll lack control and
Let the Wolf in the woods take my body
But never take my soul.

NV. – written on April 14th, 2018 started @ 2:45 p.m. finished @ 3:27 p.m.

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