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A difinitive moment,
So hard to control it,
If you hold this,
Can you show me.
Open up, let me see,
Let that moment,
Simply be free.
Enter me,
Like a story,
in a book,
You can keep em
If you want
But display them
If you should.
Think its good,
Wanna star,
How bout gold.
Change your story
Now its sold.
Known by many,
Loved by all.
Now that moment,
Stands so tall
No you didnt
Let it fall.
Start to tremble
As you rise
Into power
You shall find
All you dreams
Can come true
If this moment
Sings to you.
Settle down
Figure out
Whats important
And whats not.
If you cant
Your alright
Do the dance
not the fight.
Just sit tight
In this moment
You will find
Peace and life
For the night.
Say goodbye.
For the time.
Its just fine.
Say buh-bye.

NV. – written on April 7th, 2018 started @ 7:10 p.m finished @ 8:14 p.m.

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