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The Death of a Flower

   The death of a human to me is like the death of a flower, there is still beauty to be found in the flower as it wilts and fades away and when it drops from the plant, I know there will be another one just like it, maybe smaller, or brighter, maybe one produces more seeds than the last. But that previous flower never loses its value to me I don’t think, like the people we know that have passed away. We can remember their beauty, the hard work involved in maintaining them or your relationship with them. Parents can be the toughest to lose, being the flower that carried our seeds. Those that inspire us can be equally as tough to endure the death of, like close friends and loved pets. But for in all of these passing we have to ability to not mourn as they enter their demise, if to see death in a beautiful, celebrated way, we can help those in greater ways among the end of their road. Given that, for me personally, it is very hard for me to see death as tragic, or misunderstood. The way a being passes may be unpleasant, but death…death may mark the passing of the torch, the refueling the earth, sometimes even an ending to long endured pain. In other cases, it can mark many other things that we can look to in positive ways. Dieing is the one truth we all share, as we see death, experience death or just think about death in all of its contexts, try to think of it like the death of a flower. We die, still as beautiful as always, fulfilling our purpose to complete the cycle of life, like all that is living in partisan with the human race. The only ones able to define a death, not the only ones to mourn, but the only ones able to contemplate the benefits of said mourning and find the peace, happiness, and the beginning of a new incarnation for the soul that was bound in the being of the loved one to be laid to rest. To hopefully motivate and feed our seed into brighter, stronger, healthy flowers like us…to pass the seed of life and prepare the next generation for beauty and fulfillment like all those before them. Death can be sad, it can be tragic, but as we develop and share ideas I hope that this one isn’t lost. I have seen so much pain, misery, damnation, and depression come from the way the society I was brought up in, defines death and teaches the following generations to feel about it. This doesn’t come from a lack of personal losses or a lack thereof understanding for deaths close to family, I have experienced these things personally and vicariously through others. These views I am sharing come from a hope that my children and those influenced by a similar view, will find all the beauty in the world during the passing of loved ones. To see all that was cherishable, not be ridden with sadness in the loss or even deal with internal, undefinable issues that go years without help. The subconscious mind is dangerous, but little by little I believe we can help one another find peace in things that bring us pain, to look at life in a new way. Ok, maybe not new, but in my finding in life, this is at least unconventional and very touchy for most to discuss. We can make the world a better place, which can include learning how to look at death in a different light. A light found in places not often sought out. In the end, A light I find most beneficial in my own life, one that has freed me from so much pain in the passings I have endured.

Thanks for listening.

NV. – written on April 6th, 2018 started @ 4:14 p.m. finished @ 4:50 p.m.

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  1. Hmmmm💜I am not afraid of dying cause I believe in reincarnation ☺so I really will be reborn into something or someone else☺yay☺

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