Poem things, Unfinished songs

Another try

I don’t think that this separation we are going through

Makes a whole lot of sense to me,

It’s just not how I want to remember our history,

Are you listening?

You think you are better off missing me,

I think you are better off next to me.

or have I caused you too much pain to see,

That I’m sorry, no wait, that’s wrong.

Why can’t we put these words into songs,

When we want our lovers singing along,

To our hearts, our calls…

Not the ones everyone else hears about.

The songs wrote to make you feel torn apart,

Rebuilt, broken down and inspired to start.

Creating…a way to get your feelings mapped out.

Can we treat this right and sit back down,

Try to talk about our issues right now,

I know that this sounds all wrong,

But I promise Its about the long haul,

I would not scream it this loud,

If I was not this d*** proud,

To make my feelings heard round.

The world, I want to show you,

That even through pain, we can grow too,

I do know that I love you,

That part is still true and after all

I hope this gets through.

Maybe you’ll begin to feel soon,

The ways we’re meant to.

Peacefully together, in harmony,

With love and laughter,

when times can be damaging,

I’ll be there to catch you,

no slipping or falling,

No more failing to live through.

If you say no,

then I’ll just miss you.


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