A Litte Info

This is just a “service announcement” for those who are viewing my page I suppose. At this time this goes up I am a total newbie when it comes to blogging/ posting things on media sharing sites (taking all the advice I can get), so if anything is wonky, confusing or seems out of place, then those are the bumps along the way to…where ever this leads me. Bare with me here, I’m struggling as much as you may be at the moment. If you are curious as to what you might find; personally I like reading biographies, books on philosophy, some fiction here and there, I enjoy making art, for the most part in the “Hand Lettering” department, but I dabble in other forms of art variously as motivation flows to and fro, you might find some outdoorsy stuff, carvings, tunes I have…tuned, poems I’ve written, lyrics that I have scratched up and dont know how to put music behind, uhh, rants, reactions to news and current events. Who really knows, maybe I’ll find a niche, just being honest at this point, it will depend on the day and many other beautiful factors of life that affect us so unexpectedly. So, thank you very much for being here, I hope you find something enjoyable and always, always remember to hug and kiss your Mom and Dad goodbye.

Later gator, NV.

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